Planning for Climate Change
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    Geography,   Critical Infrastructure Security,   Urban and Regional Planning
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    This seminar explores resiliency planning for communities, particularly in the relationship among climate change, built form and infrastructure. What design and regulatory changes are needed to help communities become more resilient to extreme events and climate change while reducing greenhouse gases? What are the equity implications of these choices – who wins, who loses, who pays, who benefits? What planning processes will be most helpful to achieving resiliency goals? The class is a graduate-level research seminar in which you will read peer-reviewed articles, discuss them, draw your own conclusions, and do your own research. We will also read about and then use case study research techniques to build your core research competencies. The course topics are interdisciplinary, emerging and very complex. This suggests that the right pedagogy for the class is collaborative learning, where students are key contributors to knowledge generation. Students from all disciplines are welcome and will be asked to bring their disciplinary knowledge to the discussions.