Resources: Syllabi

Title Disciplines Uploaded By
Law and Society Sociology,   Sociology of Law,   Criminal Justice Management,   Law Mikaila Arthur
Social Research Methods II Sociology Mikaila Arthur
Comparative Perspectives on Higher Education Sociology,   Education technology,   Higher Education Mikaila Arthur
Comparative Law and Justice Anthropology,   Sociology,   Sociology and Anthropology,   Sociology of Law,   Comparative Law ... Mikaila Arthur
Seminar on the Holocaust Sociology,   Holocaust and Related Studies Mikaila Arthur
Introduction to Literature, Eng 100, fall 2014 English,   Literature Jeanne Laurel
American Lit Survey Part II, 1865 to present, Eng 216, fall 2014 American Literature Jeanne Laurel
Toni Morrison, Authors/Special Topics, Eng 310, fall 2014 American Literature,   African american literature Jeanne Laurel
Music Appreciation Fine Arts,   Music,   Music History, Literature, and Theory Megan Lanz, DMA
Intro to Learning Strategies and Study Skills Academic Affairs,   Educational technology Rashaad Cole
Intro to Psych Syllabus 10202014.docx Psychology Perry Clark, Ed.D.
Introduction to Psychology Psychology Perry Clark, Ed.D.