How to Survive Your First-Round Interview

Kudos on landing an initial interview. Now it's time to start prepping for showtime. Reading up on the institution and doing mock interviews are of course critical. But it's important to be ready for anything, whether your first interview will be held at a national conference or via Skype. Remember to think about your interview from the perspective of your potential employers, David D. Perlmutter counsels:

It is possible that they do not enjoy interviewing candidates. It can be difficult, time-consuming work to evaluate a series of strangers based on a list of questions. Help your interviewers out by being enthusiastic and thorough in your answers. Don't make them drag information out of you. Be careful about the length of your answers; be sensitive to their cues that they are ready to move on to the next topic.

What else can you expect in a first-round screening? What can you do to make a good impression and advance to the next stage? You'll find more advice — from David and others — here, in Vitae's downloadable booklet: How to Survive Your First-Round Interview. It's a document that's meant to be shared, and you can download it free right here. Just fill out this form and the booklet is yours.

April 24, 2017