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Alphonso Buie

Adjunct Professor at Cabrini University

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About Me

Hello Scholars,

I am available and searching for a potential position as a faculty member in the College of Business. My teaching interests are in Entrepreneurship, Organizational Leadership & Development, International Business, Management, Quantitative Analysis, Organizational Culture and Sustainability Management. My educational background includes three main concepts: Leadership, Organizational Behavior, and Sustainability. My research interests are in the area of Sustainability Management.

Leadership: I am the eldest child so I have always been called upon to lead. For me, it was only natural to become a leader of most organizations from adolescence to my collegiate years and into the workforce where I have over 17 years of management experience. I enjoy inspiring others to become more than the best versions of themselves, that is what the life goal is anyway; to evolve into a greater beings. I feel alive when I encourage growth, change, and provoke scholarly thought.

Organizational Behavior: Too often we identify a corporation as a person yet we do not define the personality of that corporation. The personality is shaped by the high-ranking decision-makers, middle management, the front-line employees and consumers alike. Stakeholders determine the line that differentiates function and chaos within any organization. It is important to study the person/organization’s behavior and know it to properly develop a solid strategy. Analyzing organizational behavior is a practice that can be attributed to my success in enhancing individuals and organizations.

Sustainability: The world is such a microwave society, which can be to our advantage but we put in hindsight our long-term orientation. Do we truly know the cost of needing to have everything immediately? What are we leaving our younger generations to fix? I teach and believe we must preserve all existences and systems because life itself is interdependent. I have completed studies that not only prove sustainability can add to the concept of corporate social responsibility, it adds to the long-term wealth of an organization economically and intrinsically.

My journey has been interesting; nonetheless my varied background makes me valuable and diverse. Just as in chemistry when you combine different materials you can create different chemical reactions that may result in new material and products which is ultimately the goal of any school of thought.

I am open to relocating abroad. My curriculum vita holds a more detailed account of my career blueprint. Thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter and review my resume and I would like to schedule an interview with you in the near future. Have an excellent day.


Dr. Alphonso A. Buie, SMCP



  • Self-Employed

    • 5/2015 - Present Private Tutor - Business Statistics/Quantitative Business Analysis
  • Cabrini University

    • 5/2015 - Present Adjunct Professor
  • Community College of Philadelphia

    • 5/2014 - Present Adjunct Professor
  • Planned Companies

    • 10/2013 - Present CONCIERGE
  • Virgin America

    • 6/2012 - 8/2013 Guest Service Teammate
  • Cheddar's Casual Cafe

    • 12/2009 - 2/2011 Manager
  • Longhorn Steakhouse

    • 8/2004 - 12/2009 Manager