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Hei-hang Hayes TANG

College Lecturer in Asian Studies at University of Hong Kong

About Me

A sociologist, Hei-hang Hayes Tang is interested in the fields of education policy, academic profession and youth studies. He is committed to create new knowledge in application for better education governance in the age of citizen activism, and for enhancing the alignment between education and the world of work/ professions in East Asian entrepreneurial economies. He aspires to build lifelong partnership with students and professionals so as to enlighten his analysis on educational development and policy anew with fresh perspectives, along with greater social and professional relevance. The notions of democratisation in education, scholarship of application and academic entrepreneurialism inform his current research projects. He is now Assistant Professor of Education Policy at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. A hard problem in social science that Hayes has been engaging in is possible solution to educating a meaningful citizenship for Hong Kong young generations, in the era transformed by ever advancing digital technologies.

On top of scholarly research, he considers education a commitment imperative to an academic life. Championing the spirit of liberal arts education, Hayes was presented at the start of his academic career the Outstanding Teacher Award by the School of Professional and Continuing Education, The University of Hong Kong in 2012 and has been serving as reviewer for Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education (JARHE) since the same year. On issues about Hong Kong-Mainland China dynamics, he was interviewed by journalism including The Straits Times and China Daily. Upon invitation, he delivered a Fulbright-Hays seminar entitled "Seeing China's Governance from Hong Kong Youth Perspective" for a delegation of American school teachers during their visit to The University of Hong Kong in August 2015. The Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad are hosted by the National Committee on United States-China Relations, USA.

In service of knowledge exchange and transfer, Hayes Tang welcomes media consultation, external membership, community/professional seminars and commissioned R&D projects. He can be contacted at hhhtang@ied.edu.hk


  • The University of Hong Kong

    •   PhD, Sociology of higher education



  • University of Hong Kong

    • 9/2010 College Lecturer in Asian Studies - School of Professional and Continuing Education
  • CESHK 2014 Annual Conference's Organising Committee, Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong

    • 9/2013 - 3/2014 Committee Member
  • University of Hong Kong

    • 1/2000 - 1/2003 Tutor of Sociology


My research interests include…