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  • American Educational Research Association
  • National Council for the Social Studies
  • National Academic Advising Association


  • University of South Florida

    • 1983 Bachelor of Arts, Social science education
    • 1997 Master of Arts, History, U.S. History
    • 2015 ABD, Qualitative Research, Curriculum & instruction, Social science education


I see teaching as an integral part of academic life on a college campus. As a teacher, part of my goal is to empower students to develop skills that will make them successful in their lives. Part of teaching is creating an environment where all voices are valued. A successful teaching environment that can lead students to creating an attitude where ethical methods are undertaken to provide for positive social change and caring within the community. A teacher’s role involves understanding, both themselves and others, creating a supportive environment in which to grow academically and personally and maintaining a view on life that will grow and deepen as time passes.
- Teachers must demonstrate trustworthiness and loyalty to themselves and their constituents.
- Teachers must promote an environment that accommodates the diversity of their student population. Hopefully students will see their classes and coursework as positive sessions that promotes growth and development for both parties involved.
- Teachers must have the ability to tailor their interactions with students to each one’s unique and distinct situation. A good teacher assists students with plotting a course and informs them of the consequences of choices.
- Teachers must learn from the past, be sincere in their dealings with students, be able to encounter each student “where they are” and understand their own personal capabilities and limitations (saying ‘I don’t know’ when appropriate) and finally, learn different directions that are available in a variety of situations.
- Teachers must be prepared with a strategic plan of action for each student that they encounter. This requires discipline, keeping current, and being adaptable to diverse situations.
I see teachers as being a positive influence in all aspects of encounters with students, staff and faculty on a daily basis. Remembering the past, connecting it to the present and directing that toward the future is the interconnection of the variety of my teaching and learning experiences.

My teaching capabilities include…

Courses Taught

  • PAS 1000 - Planning for Academic Succss


    Prince George's Community College

  • Planning for Academic Success PAS 1010


    Prince George's Community College

  • First Year Experience Seminar


    Prince George's Community College

  • American History II


    Hillsborough Community College

  • American History I


    Hillsborough Community College


  • Bending the Curriculum: Learning about Transgender People through Film

    11/2016 National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference 2016


  • Bending the Curriculum: Learning About Transgender Through Film

    Natalie Keefer, Aimee Alexander-Shea

    1/2017 Cinematic Social Studies A Resource for Teaching and Learning Social Studies With Film Edited by: William B. Russell III, Ph.D., University of Central Florida Stewart Waters, The University of Tennessee


  • Certificate of Appreciation for Leadership & Service as Chair of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Allies Concerns Commission

    2006 National Academic Advising Association

  • Outstanding Faculty Advisor

    2013 University of South Florida, Student Affairs, Office of Multicultural Affairs

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Advising Award

    2009 University of South Florida, Provost's Office

  • Adminstrative Award for LGBTQ Inclusion

    2014 University of South Florida, Diversity Office, LGBT Alumni Association