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Boris E. Ricks, Ph.D.

Associate Professor at California State University, Northridge

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About Me

Current work

I am a broadly trained Political Scientist with specializations in Racial Politics, Urban Affairs, Local Government, and Public Policy/Administration. I draw upon an interdisciplinary approach to the investigation (and intersection) of race, politics, disparities, and public policy. My program of research utilizes a qualitative methodology (ethnography, case study, and interviews) which emphasizes systematic observation. At present, I am currently investigating/examining: (a) the role race plays in legislative committee chair assignments (State Legislatures); (b) race associated differences in health outcomes (well-documented, yet poorly explained); and (c) the impact of minority candidates de-emphasizing race to increase their chances for electoral success (deracialization thesis). Furthermore, I am increasingly interested in the "effects of racism in causing race-associated differences in health outcomes." Overall, I am interested in issues of fair representation, equitable policy-making, and egalitarian legal jurisprudence. In my research, I am quite sensitive to disadvantaged and or underserved communities. As a result, most of my work utilizes an "applied research" framework to ensure that specific problems are solved and community residents can accomplish the task. I approach my research in underserved areas with the notion that the communities are participants in the research endeavor, as opposed to subjects. The collaborative approach of allying faculty, students, and community is an appropriate way to generate full participation and credibility as it relates to community based participation research projects.