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Maria Shine Stewart

Lecturer (Writing), Writer, Professional Counselor in Private Practice at Several colleges in northeast Ohio

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About Me

Thank you for clicking on my profile. I hope our paths may cross, so I might share my expertise in writing, my curiosity about the human condition, and what I hope is our mutual desire to create strong classrooms and a more empathetic, collaborative society. I was the first member of my family to become an American citizen, and I am a "2G" (a designation some will understand). I try to teach through writing, too, including a weekly column boosting my local community. I have loved teaching since playing school in the basement with the neighborhood kids. I hope to never stop learning. And I write humor.

My disciplines and areas of professional expertise include…

  • Writing. english/creative writing. composition and rhetoric. counseling.

Current work

I am a first-year composition and rhetoric student at Kent State University after having taught writing at multiple institutions (public and private) in northeast Ohio. I am a seasoned teacher taking time to study, reflect on my pedagogy, and advance my skills. I have taught as a a full-time (lecturer) at Cuyahoga Community College, Eastern Campus. I have taught at Lakeland Community College, Notre Dame College, John Carroll University, Cleveland State University, Ursuline College, and Chancellor University. As you can surmise, I love to teach and am a capable, adaptable, innovative teacher. I have an extensive background as a professional (marketing, promotional, news, opinion) writer as well as a recent credential as a licensed mental health counselor in Ohio focused on wellness and transitions. My best, most innovative projects attempt to bridge insights from the humanities and the social sciences. I have written for national and local audiences and consider writing an extension of my role of teacher and my role of teacher/guide as an extension of my lifelong curiosity to learn. I am always interested in reaching out to promote a more respectful, empathetic world. I savor productive collaboration, with a particular interest in building bridges between the humanities and the social sciences. The creative process across disciplines, including eureka (!) insights and innovation, is an endless source of fascination. If you need some strategic reading/tweaking, note that I am a highly skilled editor and am able to translate complex concepts into readable language. And yes, I have a warm, encouraging persona and write some zany humor, too. See if you can find it on the web.




My teaching capabilities include…

  • Deft with group instruction, individual tutorials, nontraditional students. ccp accelerated high school students, adults, veterans, and team building