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Maurice Dolberry

Adjunct Instructor at Highline College

About Me

An educator, consultant, and public scholar. What does that mean?

I've taught every grade from 6 through 20 – that’s middle school, high school, undergrad, and graduate school. From Life Science to Chemistry to Algebra to Social Justice in Professional Practice, I have taught a large variety of courses throughout my teaching experiences as well. I now focus on “educating the educators” through training professionals who work as teachers and administrators in both formal and informal environments. This leads to…

As a veteran educator and educational researcher, I help everyone from individuals to companies become successful. My areas of expertise are qualitative research, STEM and STEAM education, multicultural education, epistemology and cultural studies, diversity training, and teaching and learning. I do academic research, as well as working for people who don’t read peer-reviewed journals. So I am also a…

Public Scholar:
I conduct research and report on it in ways that not only reach, but include people at the grassroots level as well. Public scholarship challenges the idea that there are “researchers” and “subjects”, and the former do experiments on the latter. As a public scholar, I work with people who need my help and together we design ways to test, analyze, and report what we learn. Everyone is equally invested and represented, and the results are useful to everyone, rather than stashed away in the Ivory Tower… in a journal no one reads… in language no one understands!




  • The Langley School

    • 7/1996 - 5/1998 Middle School Science and Math Teacher
  • Capital Breakthrough at Ravenscroft School (formerly Wake Summerbridge)

    • 6/1998 - 7/2001 Director / 9th Grade Biology Teacher
  • The Blake School

    • 7/2001 - 7/2003 Grade Dean
  • The Benjamin School

    • 8/2003 - 8/2008 Director of Diversity
  • John F. Kennedy Middle School

    • 8/2008 - 1/2009 8th Grade Science Teacher
  • Seattle University

    • 9/2012 - 12/2012 Adjunct Instructor
  • University of Washington-Bothell

    • 1/2012 - Present Adjunct Instructor
  • Highline College

    • 1/2015 - Present Adjunct Instructor