Building a Versatile Work Force for the Pandemic Era

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Monday, December 7 | 2 p.m. ET | Watch on demand

Colleges face an uncertain future. The post-Covid world of higher ed will demand a nimble and versatile work force equipped to solve problems and take on new tasks. To fill this need, employees must build new skills, take on new responsibilities, and in some instances, train for completely new roles.

Are colleges ready to support such transitions, and if so, how will they do it? In the upcoming virtual forum “Building a Versatile Work Force for the Pandemic Era,” leading practitioners will join The Chronicle to discuss the moves colleges should be making now and in the near future.

Join us as we seek to answer:

  • How can colleges help build strong career trajectories for faculty and staff members?
  • What skills and roles are most in demand, and what emerging models can equip employees to pivot successfully?
  • How can HR and other campus leaders best collaborate to provide ongoing opportunities for professional and leadership development?

The panel, moderated by Ian Wilhelm, an assistant managing editor at The Chronicle, will include:

  • Dianna Cusick, vice president of human resources and work-force equity at Minneapolis College
  • Edward Pittman, senior associate dean at Vassar College
  • Brian K. Powell, vice president and chief human resources officer at Chapman University

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